Three Kid Circus : The Traveling Circus Gets Larger

Friday, September 03, 2004

The Traveling Circus Gets Larger

Egg Plant Update: There were a bunch of new eggs on the plant. Still no clue why.

So, Great Mind of Our Time that I am, I figured that my oldest could ride her bike to school, alleviating some of the whining, and I could hook the dog's leash to the stroller, thereby giving La Donna a walk and a chance to earn her canned food by pulling.

My oldest hasn't mastered riding without the training wheels, but she doesn't seem to care. She has sparkly streamers and a hot pink paint job, and as you know, it's all about the accessories. The extra wheels are just another fashion statement. No whining! Wooo!

My son? Still whining. But I was able to use my single stroller Chinese Acrobat Style (hup hup hup hup *pose* hey!) and we made quite a picture cruising down the sidewalks of our suburban paradise.

My children never sit up straight in the stroller. They slump, and throw their legs up over the bar. I can get them all dolled up in adorable clothes, and by the time we get 5 minutes down the road, they are hanging out all over the place. Sigh. I believe we are the origin of the cliche' "I CAN dress them up, but I CAN'T take them out." Incidentally, we also spawned "Hopping Mad" as a direct result of my son. When denied, he immediately begins bouncing in counterpoint to his wailing.

Which cliche's do your family lay claim to?