Three Kid Circus : Me-ow!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


It did my catty little heart so much good today to open the newspaper and find a photo of my hubs' first wife standing outside her workplace. It was a full length, shot from the profile, so that her outline was really emphasized.

Did I say MY butt was big? Non, cherie. HER butt is BIG. And the angle, let us say, was unkind in revealing her chin region. Let's make it a double!

I kept my cattiness in my head. I have no business being a cat. At all. Dude, I've seen my own butt. Last night. And we're not talking about my chins. I was getting ready to rush out and donate blood or to clothe some orphans to make up for my lapse in positive thinking.

But then - cue the rainbows and sparklers - my hubs called me from work and said "Did you see the photo of my ex? She looks smaller in the chest. Could be because her butt is so huge. Then again, her butt was always huge. And her face did nothing for me. Must be because you (Me!) are so adorable."

I am, I'm adorable! Abominable, catty and shallow, but adorable. Oh, and I'm not sore much at all.