Three Kid Circus : Home Again, Home Again, Lickety Split

Friday, September 17, 2004

Home Again, Home Again, Lickety Split

I think I broke a land-speed record getting my oldest to school this morning. Well, maybe land-speed, while on foot in broken down Target brand sneakers with a huge ass stroller that corners like a tractor-trailer loaded down with sixty-seven pounds of kids plus miscellaneous juice boxes, backpacks and plastic dinos, in hot pursuit of a five and a half year old Evil Kanevil wanna be in a pink princess helmet who mocks the limitations of a girlie bike with training wheels by leaping off curbs with sparkly handlebar streamers flying, hollering "Whee!" kind of record.

Despite my best intentions, we still were running late. Oh, I don't know, could have been my son's insistence on Chicken Nuggets for breakfast. Could have been me forgetting that it was "teddy bear parade" day, necessitating a rush around looking for "Cowie" since my daughter prefers her stuffed cow instead of a bear like normal children. Could have been the three outfit changes for my youngest, who made like Jackson Pollack with her yogurt, and then took a (washable at least) marker to her next outfit. But I'm not going to blame the kids. Really, it's pretty much all me. Me me me me me.

I'm having another cup of coffee. Right now.

In other, somewhat related news: I am growing my bangs out, and had pulled the rest of my hair back into a ponytail. I just caught a look at myself in the mirror and my rebellious, forward growing bangs have poofed themselves up into an elaborate curly-queue. With the rest of my hair pulled back at the nape of my neck, I look exactly like Tintin. Bwahahahahaha!