Three Kid Circus : Head Games

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Head Games

It seems that my children have been born into a family with a rich tradition of head games.

My son just announced that his eyes feel dirty. In concern, I dropped to my knees and began tugging on eyelids and cheeks, trying to determine the cause. He giggled, gave me a playful shove backwards and said "No, silly."

In slow motion, he brought a fist up to his eye. When he moved the fist, his eye was closed in a dramatic wink. He moved his fist to his mouth, and flailed the tip of his tongue around the inside of both cheeks, before returning his fist to his eye. Both blue eyes twinkled at me as he grinned. "All clean. Grandpa showed me." Ah yes, the old remove the eyeball and wash it in the mouth trick.

My sister has a special noise that she produces in the back of her throat that makes it sound as though she has a few marbles rattling around inside her head. She accompanies this with wild eye rolling. My children scream with glee at this display of dingbattery. She has even managed to produce the sound so that it sounds like the "marbles" are slowly rocking to a stop. She can also wiggle her ears.

Good times.