Three Kid Circus : For Mindy

Sunday, September 05, 2004

For Mindy

For Ms. Mindy, lest she think she is so special...

Oh No You Did Not. You did NOT just call me a mother who keeps her kids from climbing on roofs. I'll have you know that MY kids have been swinging from the chandeliers since they could pull up. They have been leaping from the top of our yard play structure, yodelling, NAKED even, for YEARS. My neighbors probably have the CPS hotline written on their phone-side notepad, just waiting to catch those yahoos of mine in action.

So relaxed am I as a mother that my children are not told "Don't jump!" but instead are reminded to "Bend your knees when you land." We are wild. We are crazy! We eat danger flakes for breakfast! I sometimes even say ASS! Arrrrrrrrgh!

So yeah. Just had to get that offa my chest. :)

And in other, Mindy related news: The Weblog Review posted two very nice reviews about this blog. So let this be a lesson to everyone. First, sign yourself up. Then complain in your blog that you fear slammage. Then get Mindy to comment on the wake of destruction wrought by her reaction to a lukewarm review. Then sit back and watch as they assign kind and friendly reviewers. Fear the Mommy Wrath!

I actually was going to blog about my son's 4th birthday today, but I'll try and get to that this evening. I just didn't want anyone to think I was some sort of sainted mother, yo.