Three Kid Circus : A Feel A Song Coming On

Saturday, September 25, 2004

A Feel A Song Coming On

I feel pretty bloated!
Oh so pretty zitty!
I feel pretty crampy and witty whiney and bright sarcastic!
And I pity any girl fool who isn't me scared tonight!

I feel charming crazy,
Oh, so charming lazy,
It's alarming how charming cranky I feel!
And so pretty swollen
That I hardly can believe I'm real not aloft like a weather balloon.

See the pretty girl bleary eyes in that mirror there:
Who can that attractive snarling girl be?
Such a pretty hostile face,
Such a pretty dress large pair of sweatpants,
Such a pretty smile ratty ponytail,
Such a pretty me... never mind, just RUN!

I feel stunning monstrous!
And entrancing irrational!
Feel like running sleeping and dancing pouting for joy oh boy!
For I'm loved feared
by a pretty wonderful boy smart husband who knows when to be quiet!

See, Mir - ANY TIME is a GREAT time to sing "I Feel Pretty!"