Three Kid Circus : Essentials

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Sunday mornings were meant for sleeping in. My kids can't seem to get with the program, so I've been up for two hours.

I made the coffee, and got a glimpse at the water reservoir. Apparently, it has been too long since I've done the citric acid treatment. Scale as far as the eye can see. Oh, it was nasty. Nasty nasty nasty. I was already through half a cup of coffee, too. Being thrifty and lazy, I drank the rest of the cup.

It is time to replace the coffee maker. And thanks to Lauren of The New Jan Brady, I'm all over the Philips Senseo. I need that machine. And so, I will load up the minivan with the family and head to the Target Greatland. I will embrace the pod system. Perhaps I will enjoy my coffee in new, sensual ways. It's just THAT good. Mmmmm.

My husband just yelled "We need Q-tips!" in a strangled voice.

Uh, okay. Onto the list it goes. Reminds me: on a grocery shopping excursion, long long ago, my mom was pulling out of the driveway, and had made it halfway down the block when she glanced in the rearview mirror and spotted my dad galloping down the street on foot, waving his arms and yelping "We're out of MAYONNAISE!"

Oh, the urgency of it all. Must. Shop.