Three Kid Circus : *Cough, Cough*

Saturday, September 04, 2004

*Cough, Cough*

About a hour north of our location, and an hour south, there were two large brush fires today. Combined, they threw enough ash into the air that it settled on cars and sidewalks in our neighborhood. The whole day was cast in a reddish glow. The smell made me thankful that we were so far from the burn areas (and also a little nostalgic for camping, for some reason.)

It was about 95 degrees today, but it felt much warmer, and was muggy, too... I did some world class ass sitting today. Then we took a family field trip to Toys R Us to select a birthday present for my son, who turns 4 tomorrow, and followed up with a truly high class dining experience at Burger King. They had one of those jungle gyms, which I abhor but the kids love. The two big kids eagerly made their way up the maze of ropes and down the slide. We held the 21 month old outside, and she screamed and strained and gestured at the ropes for 5 minutes. After she punched me in the nose, I figured, "What the hay, let's let her give it a go." I put her down, and she made her monkey way to the top of the rope maze, where she crowed like a rooster and yelled "Mama! Yeah! Mama! I do it! Yeah!"

Then she tandem slid down the big slide and did it again. And again. There were no other kids there, so it was just my other two yahoos, but okay, this is SO one of those things I would have FORBID my older children to do. And she did great. And she loved it. And I didn't have a heart attack, but I might have if big kids came along. We are SO not going to places with climbing structures for a few years. Ahahaha.