Three Kid Circus : The Cheese Stands Alone

Friday, September 10, 2004

The Cheese Stands Alone

We made it to Friday. Er, uh, yes. Yes. It's Friday.

We celebrated my son's birthday (again) with a small party at a local park yesterday evening. With temperatures in the low 90s, the shady park with the nice breeze was a fantastic place for the kids AND the parents to just hang out and relax.

I tweaked my back but good about 15 minutes before the party, so I'm walking like a 90 year old. I know better than to just lay down and suffer though. I'm going to attempt some gentle yoga when we get back from our walk to school. I can't afford to be down a day.

My husband's work is really demanding right now. He's cranky a lot lately. I would be, too. He is the Sales Manager for an injection molding company, and he spends a lot of time entertaining clients and flying across country on a moment's notice to save or cement a sale. He is good at his job, but the long hours and butt-kissing gets old. *Poor Me Alert* Most days he can go into his job a little late, if I have a morning appointment, or come home early. With the huge surge of new business they are working on, he is in early and home late more often than not. So lately, when I need help, I'm on my own. Like today, with my gimp back.

But it's Friday. And my big girl loves kindergarten. She walks out of that classroom with a bounce in her step, and is already running with a posse of little girls, all with crooked pigtails and smocked front dresses. They all have old lady names too, just like my girl, which is hilarious. You can just picture them in their dotage.

My son tells me I'm beautiful, even when he's wiping snot on my shirt. And my baby calls me Ah-hoe with a guileless smile.

Tomorrow is our 6th Anniversary. Six years, three kids. Getting married on 9-11 was supposed to be a joking reference to the fact that I was pregnant at the time. We went to a baseball game the day after we married. We took our oldest to her first game the next year. We weren't able to get tickets the following year... Pacific Bell Park was brand new, and my son was born just days before our anniversary. Our third anniversary found me home on a weekday, staring in horror at CNN footage of the World Trade Center in my bedroom, while my children played in the other room. Since then, it's not really the kind of day where you go out and pop champagne corks. We'll go out to dinner, I think. My mom will watch the kids for us.

Ironically, my husband's divorce from his first wife was finalized on Pearl Harbor Day, two years before we met. We just have a knack for memorable dates.