Three Kid Circus : And So, It Begins.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

And So, It Begins.

I was all worried about the care and keeping of a kindergartener. I was certain to be the most disorganized, least fashionable mother. As usual, I was worrying about the wrong things.

We get there on time. We even walk the whole way. In 90+ degree heat. And I don't complain. I have yet to forget about a lunch, or to neglect to return forms. (I know, it's only been three weeks, go easy on me, eh?) I'm good like that.

But then, wham. I peel open the My Pretty Pony backpack today and there it is. FALL 2004 FUNDRAISER! YOUR KID WINS PRIZES THAT ARE A BUNCH OF WORTHLESS JUNK IF SHE SELLS A BOATLOAD OF OVERPRICED CRAP TO YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND EVEN PERFECT STRANGERS! Start stalking your neighbors! Now. NOW!

I hate fundraising. I did appreciate the note that "Children should be accompanied by a parent when selling door-to-door. Children should not knock on the doors of unfamiliar homes after dark." Can't I just write a check to the PTA? Would that speak ill of my school spirit?

And then, the school photo day. You can select the basic package, against a 'slate' background, or for ONLY $2 more, you can 'upgrade' to Arctic, Freedom, Sky, Purple Passion or Fall Colors. I'm thinking I'll dress her like an Eskimo and go with Artic, but then, I'm open for suggestions. They also suggest adding "soft-focus" for an additional $3. Because your elementary student needs a warmer, softer finish. What? Save the Cybil Sheppard lighting for the acne prone teens, okay?

And THEN, I get a call saying my son's preschool has been moved to the center across town. This throws off my whole plan of walking my son to his school. I'm irritated. Now I have to either hustle to find him a new class, nearby, or I keep him home until January. Not the end of the world, but still. I was beginning to look forward to having an hour or two with just the baby.

But, the good news is: my oldest loves her school, and I'm delighted, too. Now, if I can just weasel out of selling door-to-door, and land on the perfect outfit to go with a Purple Passion background...