Three Kid Circus : Was YOUR day Apple-riffic?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Was YOUR day Apple-riffic?

For once, I have nothing to complain about. We had a wonderful day.

We woke to balmy, perfect weather. The kids were a little crazy this morning, but with the promise of attending the Gravenstein Apple Fair, we were able to keep things moving in a forward direction.

While we were getting everyone dressed, we watched Olympic women's weightlifting. Wow. Those women are amazing athletes, and I am inspired to revisit Krista and get my butt in gear. I really loved the fact that one of the women gave a loud Aaaargh! before stepping on stage. I'm going to start doing that before endurance events. Get all three kids in the van? Aaaaaargh! Unload a trunk full of groceries? Aaaaaargh! Giant load of clothes out of the dryer to be folded? Aaaaaargh! I am in love with this concept.

So, all the kids dressed, diaper bag packed, sunblock on... we headed out. We got into the fair, got some apple fritters, got some corn dogs, got some garlic fries... yeah, yeah, it's THAT kind of fair. We enjoyed the vocal performance of our local "Love Choir" which, from what I can tell, is composed of 30 or so grown up people who really like to sing. They all got up on the stage and belted out popular tunes from the 60s, en masse, with lots of enthusiasm and little regard for the tune. Out of the shower, and onto the stage! Woooo! Seriously, they were so into it that you had to love it.

The kids were well behaved the whole time. We petted a baby porcupine (spiny!) and saw bees (buzzy!). My son has taken to adding words to other endings. He kept saying, "Mom, this is Apple-tastic!" and my favorite "this is apple-licious." He gets it from me, thankyuhverramuch.

By one o'clock, the kids were pooped, and we made our final stop at the ping pong toss game to Win A Hermit Crab! We have had many of these sad sack critters, and they have all eventually crawled out of their shell and died, like so many ice locked arctic explorers. Although we didn't win one (I was secretly saying Yes! Crabtastic!) the kids were so bummed that Daddy bought them each a Hermit Crab. The menagerie just keeps gettin' bigger. Those crab people are making out like bandits. Bandits!

We rushed home, and I headed out to the surprise baby shower for a dear friend. She is the cutest pregnant person, and it was a low-key, fun party. I feel really human. Downright adult even. It has turned out to be an Apple-riffic day.