Three Kid Circus : Trepidation

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


It seemed innocent a few months ago. We got a glossy flyer in the mail, heralding the upcoming children's show season at our regional arts center. "Buy your season tickets!" it said. "Family fun for all!"

After a flurry of discussion with my hubs, we decided that we would give it a whirl. We have a stack of tickets, one show a month, starting in October, until June 2005. It was too great of a deal to pass up.

I was sorting old photos yesterday, and came across the Ringling Bros. circus photos from last year. First of all, let me tell you this: Don't waste your money. It was just awful. Guess how much cotton candy costs? TEN BUCKS. That's right. For spun sugar. It all came flooding back to me. My children were more interested in examining the dark recesses of their seat bottoms with their $15 limited edition souvenir flashlight things than watching dancing elephants. The pictures don't show children enthralled with clowns and trapeze artists. They show kids on their knees with flashlights, inspecting what looks to be the remnants of someone else's ten dollar cotton candy.

A year has gone by, but I'm thinking we may have jumped the gun on the theater tickets. The shows are supposed to be geared for children 3-12, so we might be in the clear, but I'm still worried that we are going to spend lots of quality time in the lobby.

I registered my son for preschool this week. He starts in October. I'm still not sure he's ready. I spoke to the teachers about his 97% success ratio on the potty, and they said that peer pressure was just the ticket. This seems suspect to me, because I was assured that my oldest, the nose-picker, would be cured by the preschool social strata, and instead found herself the leader of a whole little tribe of gold-diggers. Mercy.

Kindergarten is two weeks away, and I'm getting nervous. And judging from the 'tidbits' my oldest has volunteered to perfect strangers, I have every right. My favorite was when she parked herself next to the mother of one of her fellow preschoolers and announced "Daddy hurt his back trying to wash his butt in the shower." Ahahahaha. The mom held it together nicely. I laughed all the way home. I cringe to think what she'll be saying about me.

The hubster is off to Chicago for the night, so I better go get him packed.