Three Kid Circus : I'm In The Mood For Love

Friday, August 20, 2004

I'm In The Mood For Love

Blame it on the wine. Or on the strawberries and whipped cream. The husband and I were feeling a little amorous last night.

We snuggled while we sipped our wine. We played footsie and I got my backrub. Things were looking, uh, up. Canoodling was on the agenda.

"Mama!" called my oldest.

"Sssh! Maybe she'll go back to sleep," said my husband, sotto voce.

"MY PANTS ARE WET! WAAAAAH!" came the cry from behind our locked door.

"Hold that thought," I said with a sultry glance over my shoulder. I grabbed a beach towel and a clean pair of pajamas, and got my daughter calmed down, dry and back in bed. Whew!

As I turned the lock on our bedroom door, I heard a plaintive wail building from the baby's room. Oh, no.

Oh, yes.

"Sssh! Maybe SHE'LL go back to sleep," said my husband. Hope springs eternal in Husbandland.

"You're so good at getting her to settle, babe. You try," I whispered. He stood up and moments later reappeared with my howling youngest, who had bubbling green snot and a full diaper. A new diaper, new pajamas, a face washing and a dose of decongestant later, she passed out on my husband's shoulder. He quickly returned her to the crib and jogged back to our room.

"So, where were we?" he winked. At this point, I had passed over the good wine buzz, and was feeling deflated. As my husband reached to foot of the bed, we heard the dog scratching on our bedroom door. "Go away, Donna!" we both ordered in a stage whisper.

We sat side by side on the end of the mattress, straining our ears into the quiet of our house. After a tense minute, my husband turned to give me a kiss. With our lips mere millimeters apart, we started to laugh. And we kept laughing, through my son's midnight quest for water, my baby's second and third waking of the night. I guess this is what they call Natural Family Planning.