Three Kid Circus : Guilty As Charged

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Guilty As Charged

Got the hubs out the door for his trip, and called in the dancing boys! Woooo!

Just kidding. I actually don't care for dancing boys, unless they are entertaining my toddlers.

My parents decided to take the two older kids on a trip to the beach today, which left me with just the 20 month old. I will be so happy when she's two so I can stop using the month. I've run out of fingers and toes.

Now, I will never be one to insinuate that a single child is a breeze (because I was overwhelmed with just one wee bairn) but it was almost peaceful. We read books, played hide and seek, snuggled while she napped, fed each other cheerios - we enjoyed the heck out of each other.

My older two had a great time with the grandparents. They ran all over the beach, found shells, lay in the surf, and encrusted themselves from head to toe in salt and sand. Both kids got the undivided attention they crave. Aside from my son puking on the windy roads that lead to the coast, it sounds like a perfect outing.

My son has a flair for the dramatic, and he's taken to telling my mom, every chance he gets, that he "never wants to go home! Can I stay here forever, Grandma?" Oh! And he says I yell all the time. My mom sounded a bit concerned as she brought this up to me, and gave me the good advice that I need to stop yelling.

Let the excuses begin. I've been feeling like I'm on death watch for the last year. It's been Def-Con 4 and I guess I just can't unwind enough to where I speak normally any more. I start with a bark, and adjust down depending on the situation. I know it, and my kids know it, and they are telling people that I yell at them. All the time. Granted, they don't mention WHY I yell, or that THEY might have anything to do with it.

But they are all right. I need to chill. No one has fatally injured themselves on my watch, and the little stuff, like emptying a gallon of milk onto the carpet or kicking out the front window screens, happens when I'm not being super attentive. Perhaps blogging is the reason why I have a steam cleaner that never gets put away. Ahahahaha

My mom was right on the money when she said that I only have another year or so to make memories for my kids as a kind and fun mom, before they are out to school and I'm just the broad who picks them up and denies them purchases of hoochie Bratz dolls and embarrasses them in front of their friends.