Three Kid Circus : Confession time

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Confession time

The dorkiness continues.

I adore children's television programming. Let's just ignore the fact that I watch WAY too much of it.

In particular, I'm a big closet fan of those song and dance shows. You know, like The Wiggles. I also have a soft spot for Steven Burns late of Blues Clues and of course, the faboo Kratt Bros. I mean, they're cute, great with kids, and REALLY enthusiastic (and you can't tell me that doesn't translate to other areas *wink wink*).

Lately, I've been obsessing on Hi-5 which is a silly skit/musical number show featuring five unbelievably perky young adult performers. Each week there's a new theme, and my kids know all the words and moves. So do I.

I like to pretend I'm 'exercising' with the kids, you know, so it's not just watching TV. I have been overheard telling people that the Wiggly Time video is actually a great workout. Really, the deal is: I love a catchy tune, and a corny routine as much as your average 3 year old. Just like the Solid Gold routines of my formative years, but without the spandex and sexy moves. I sing and dance along with abandon and pretend it's because I'm a good mom.