Three Kid Circus : Chatterbug

Thursday, August 05, 2004


We've got a doctor's appointment today for my son. I'm actually thrilled that we are going. He's been such a pain in the butt lately that I am at my wit's end.

Since his late infancy, he's been a lousy sleeper. Actually, he naps most days, and sleeps most nights, but I suspect that he doesn't get enough REM sleep. He flips and he flops. He snores and he grunts. Add that to his fixation on touching the skin tag on my neck, and you get a co-sleeping nightmare.

He wakes with a start each morning. He's like one of those horror movie dolls. His eyes pop open and he starts chattering. "Brontosaurus was the largest dinosaur of the all. He had didn't have a crest on his head. That is the Brachiosaur, right, Mommy? He ate all the leaves in the tops of the trees and made the ground shake when he walked. Mommy? They also called him an Apatosaurus. Mommy, are you a Maiasaura? Was I an egg? Is that silly, Mommy? Mommy?"

I lay there until I can't pretend to be asleep anymore, and then he follows me out to the kitchen, chattering all the way. "Can we have donuts for breakfast, Mommy? Dinosaurs like donuts, right, Mommy? What are you getting there? Does coffee taste good? Can I color? Listen, Mommy! I'm going to tell you the alphabet...(screaming) Aaaaay! Beeeee! Seeeee! Deeeee!"

Lately, I've noticed that midway through one of his monologues, he's usually worked up enough drool that he has to wipe. That, and his epic tantrums lead me to think there is an underlying cause to his 'issues.'

Our pediatrician is great. Dr. Hauptman (or as the kids say "Dr. Hot") is attentive and knowledgeable. I am hopeful that he will help me get a plan of action to help my son get some rest, so he is able to deal with the little disappointments that life dishes out without an outburst.

In other family news, the hubster is off for a business trip for the next few days. We packed the few garments he needed and the 50 different toiletries. He's so funny. He has a whole monologue that we go through every time he has to pack. "Alright, I get in the shower and use the soap, the shampoo and the conditioner. Then I use the shaving cream and the razor. Then deodorant. Hmm, okay, then I use this lotion on my face. Then I brush my teeth. Then floss. Okay..." on and on and on. Why does he have to say this out loud?

I take the bad rap of being the genetic source of my son's rambling verbal stylings. But gee, I think there's another family member who displays this same tendency. Hmm...

It's always interesting when he's gone. I won't dare say it's fun, but the days flow together because we are missing the daily departure and arrival of Daddy. We eat microwave popcorn for breakfast, never have a second of sports on the TV and pretty much relax as much as we can, since about 12 hours into it, I start to get crazy.

I used to have these big bursts of energy, and do psycho amounts of cleaning after the kids dropped off to sleep, but these days I just try to keep my brain in my head and my tongue set on G-rated phrases.