Three Kid Circus : A shout-out to the ladies

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A shout-out to the ladies

I've been struck again and again by the courage of the women who surround me.  We go through our lives like warriors.  I was watching a behind the scenes show about Steve and Terry Irwin, and yes, they are cracked.  But it struck me when Terry said that being a mother made her not only willing to die for her children, but willing to kill, if necessary.  
From my littlest women, to the seasoned professionals, mothers or not, I feel buoyed by support and understanding.    
To the woman who is taking control and rebuilding a new life for herself and her daughters:  thank you.
To the woman who has been given an angel and meets each new day with hope and faith: thank you.
To the woman who is struggling to make ends meet and yet enriches her children with love and laughter: thank you.
To the woman who took a leap of faith, traveling around the world to give love a chance: thank you.
To the woman who has unflagging joy in her husband and children, and never seems to get tired: thank you.
To the woman who charms me with her steady stream of big ideas and boundless energy: thank you.
To the woman who interrupts our phone conversation to get another sippy cup or listen to the rambling needs of a little one: thank you. 
To the woman who dreams bigger, and works harder than anyone else: thank you.
To the woman who brought me into the world, and helped me form my sense of self: thank you.
To the (many) women who listen when I need to talk, who talk when I need to listen, who give freely of themselves to me and so many others... You are my heroes!
It struck me this morning that I have never once felt that I am on this road alone.  Since the birth of my oldest, I have rarely faced a challenge that I couldn't put a face on.  Sure, we're still all learning.  We make mistakes, and we have wild successes that no one else could duplicate.  The pool of knowledge and the trials-and-errors of the women in my life have been my not-so-secret strength.
I am lucky beyond belief to have so many women in my life.  THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU.