Three Kid Circus : The Parenting Gods Strike Back

Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Parenting Gods Strike Back

Donna the Dog had her way, and I did not shop.  Ahahahaha, I'm such a wuss.  Maybe I'll go today.
We had a stimulating day, a visit to grandma's house and a new park, in an effort to wear them out.  My 5 year old is getting to be such a big girl, and so bright.  It is slightly stunning to hear the thoughts that spring from her head.  We were driving along behind a dumptruck full of soil, that had a grey tarp pulled tight over the mound.  She said "Mom, where are they taking that elephant?"  I didn't understand for a minute, but when I looked up at the truck, she was right.  It looked just like the back of an elephant.    The vision of a 5 year old is a rare gift.  It's such a treat to be handed a pair of magical kid glasses every now and again, to see the elephant where there was only a tarp covered pile of dirt.
We made it home, had a great afternoon with very little discord, and got to bed at a reasonable 9pm.  Even I was in bed by 10pm, which is unusual.
Apparently, the thanks for the sleep offering to the Parenting Gods was insufficient.
My youngest woke with a song in her heart and a spring in her step.  At 1:30 am.  I couldn't be mad at her, she's too stinkin' cute and was just thrilled to be alive and have my undivided attention.  Or, I guess, what passes for attention.  I sprawled on the couch, with a comforter and every 30 minutes turned on another TiVo'd nickjr program. 
Not to say that she actually watched these shows.  No, she was crawling around on the floor, meowing like a cat.  Then, she found the magnet for our tot-lock system and started banging it against the window.  Then she chased the dog around the kitchen floor.  Then she stood on her tiptoes in front of me, chanting wuuuuuuuun, tooooooooooo, freeeeeeeeee, foooooe... all the way up to 10!  Wow, I hadn't realized she was doing that yet.
Anyway, I'm laying there, one eye open, one eye closed, and feeling very picked upon, when dawn broke.  What a glorious sunrise.  It was red and pink and the whole yard had a golden glow to it.  I'm standing there at the window with my not-such-a-baby in my arms, smelling her morning smell and watching the sun creep over the horizon.  It was a sacred moment, just me, my baby, and the knowledge that I have another day on this earth to start fresh. 
And I think to myself: what a wonderful world... oh, yeah. - Louis Armstrong