Three Kid Circus : The Mane Event

Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Mane Event

I'm cracking myself up. 
Last weekend, in the grips of a very blah mood, I decided I needed a change.  Nothing huge.  I could have been happy with a new lipstick. 
As it happened, I had been laying on the couch in ratty sweatpants with my waist length hair pulled back in a ratty ponytail.  Not a kind look for anyone, but it was really grossing me out.  So, I decided NO MORE!  I WILL HAVE CUTE HAIR! 
My hair is thick and has a subtle wave to it... it doesn't curl, but it has great lift.  So, basically, I have no complaints about my hair, except it was really long, and I had exhausted the snarly ponytail look. 
A quick check online convinced me that I had plenty to donate to the Locks of Love and still have a decent bit to work with, so I showered, left the kids in my husband's semi-able hands and marched into our neighborhood Great Clips.   They do the Lock of Love haircuts for free, so I figured even if it sucked, I could get rid of the length for a good cause, and pay someone else to fix the butchery :)
I got to watch 10 men get their hair cut before it was my turn, and it was hilarious.  They just sit down and buzz buzz buzz snip snip snip they are done.  3 minutes, maybe 4.  And they had no input.  Just 'clean me up' or 'not too short.'  My hair stylist confirmed my suspicion that 90% of their business is men. 
So, they had given me this style book full of all these really bizarre asymmetrical cuts, or bangs that covered both eyes completely, and all sorts of, uh, interesting looks.  I'm just not an alternative hairstyle/70 products and 45 minutes girl.   When it was my turn, the stylist said "So, did you find a good look?"  I had to laugh.  
I gave her my whole self-deprecating shpeil about my head (being round like someone traced a coffee can)  and about my thick, short neck, and instructed her to make me look about 18, with a swanlike neck.  Ahahahahaha.  She didn't think I was so funny.  She made some comment about how I've clearly spent most of my life making jokes about my appearance and that she hoped that this haircut would be a start of all sorts of new, great things.  Ooof!  That was a well-intentioned body blow.  Kind of took the wind outta my sails for a minute.
I plopped my butt in the chair, and 2 minutes later, I was 12 inches and 2 pounds lighter.  While she processed my donation forms, I was doing mini head tosses and feeling silly.  It felt so good!  She got to work cutting some flippy layers , and tried valiantly to keep from rolling her eyes as I kept the requests coming.  I still want to be able to pull it back into a ponytail.  I don't want to use products.  I don't want her to touch my bangs, blah blah blah.
15 minutes later, I had SUPER CUTE hair, just what I would have wanted if they had it in the crazyhair book of horrors.  For FREE.  WOOOOOO!
Since then (it's been a whole week) I've spent lots of time flipping my head around, and I keep finding myself in front of mirrors, tucking and untucking, mussing and smoothing, and in general primping.  It's so not like me.  I keep saying to myself (and select family and friends) oooooh! I'm having a good hair day!  Maybe that stylist/psychologist was right, and it's sunny days from here on out. 
Okay, it's just now dawned on me why I wanted a blog.  Because it's ALLLLLLLLLLL ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!