Three Kid Circus : Hot, Hot, Hot

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hot, Hot, Hot

I've recently taken a liking to Indian Pop music.

We finally saw Bend It Like Beckham a few weeks ago, and I loved it.  The music was great, so I bought the soundtrack.  Yeah, I know, we're 20 years after the movie release date, but  we have to wait for most things until they come out on DVD and usually until they are a "week" release at Blockbuster, since we are oh-so bad at returning on time.  Netflix, I know, I know.

I am currently stuck on a rotation of Nick Jr.'s Greatest Hits, the Disney Princess Songs and Songs from The Land Before Time in the car.  I'm a sucker for hearing the kids sing along with their favorite songs.  My son's stentorian tones and stern disapproval should anyone else chime in when he's busting out a solo are truly hilarious.

Since they were tiny babies, we have exposed them to all sorts of music, and like most kids, they enjoy things with strong rhythm.  We've done lots of Latin, they love Sturm und Drang classical music, reggae and ska.  We had a really good couple of weeks when my dear friend in New Zealand sent us a CD by ESG "A South Bronx Tale".  That one is still getting heavy rotation.

In fact, all three kids have unique forms of dance/self-expression that just oozes out their pores and starts their little butts wagging as soon as they hear a regular beat.  They just can't surpress the urge to start flailing around.  My 5 year old does lots of posing and ballet moves.  My 4 year old prefers flapping and running in circles, alternating with growling and stalking his sisters like a dinosaur.  The 18 month old holds one arm out stiffly to the side and shakes her butt, or jumps up and down.   Par-tay! 

Back to the soundtrack.  We've found a winner!  I love the ethnic flavor, and the unique instrumentation.  There is actually a Hindi language cover of Hot, Hot, Hot which has spawned a new family joke.  Any given moment, you can ask one of the kids: "How you feelin'?"  And they will answer "hot hot hot."  Even the 18 mo old, although she says "ha ha ha" which is funny, too.

Not sure there is a point to this.  It is just good to get some new music, and I really like the fact that it puts me in mind of exotic ports of call and bright colors, as opposed to the blah, homeowner's association approved house colors and faded green lawns of our neighborhood. 

I need a vacation.  But I'll settle for watching the kids get down to ethnic pop music and dinner at an Indian restaurant, sometime soon.