Three Kid Circus : An Epic Poem

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

An Epic Poem

It's been a month my license has been gone
The day it disappeared escapes recall
Oh woe is me!  I have searched high and low
Through pockets, van and household I did crawl.

The dawning realization caused me angst
To load the van and take the kids with me
An epic undertaking rife with fear
Alas, we go today to D.M.V.

With trembling hands and quaking legs I stride
Aware of darting glances and protests
Like Chinese Acrobats with children slung
Suspended from my stroller frame and chest

The children three are rapidly subdued
That Voice of God thing really calms the hive
Behold!  Our number is next in the queue
We might just make it out of here alive

I answer questions, sign my name and more
The kids are hanging from the center stile
Get down you little monkeys or I'll cry
Oooh, kids! Look, can you see a crocodile?

The lady with the camera wants to chat
Just take the flippin' photo and begone!
Count one, two, three we're leaving! So, let's GO!
Back to the van and so, I end my song.

*thank yuh verra much*