Three Kid Circus : The dog attempts to thwart my Sidewalk Sale aspirations

Friday, July 16, 2004

The dog attempts to thwart my Sidewalk Sale aspirations

Today is the first day of Coddingtown Mall's annual sidewalk sale.  But I'll come back to that.
The dog decided to prance up and down on the bed, practically on top of my head, while licking my face at 2 am.  I assumed she wanted out, so I stumbled to the door and opened it.  She promptly laid down at my feet and just looked at me.   Ooooh-kay.    So I check her food and water bowls.  She's got kibble, she's got water.  I dunno.
So I head back to bed.  The dog is following me like a shadow, and trips me as we near the door to the bedroom.  I fall, spewing half formed vengeful oaths, and manage to wake both the baby and my 5 year old.  Great.  The dog darts into the big kids' room and parks on my son's bed, apparently delighted with herself.
I gather up the baby, who is now chanting "mama!mama!mama!mama!" and my oldest, and shoo them into my bed, where my husband starts snoring like a buzzsaw.  We all settle down, and then I hear shuffling footsteps, announcing the arrival of my son.  He crawls up next to Daddy.  Co sleeping with babies is great.  Leggy toddlers with chest colds, not so much. 
Clinging to my 6 inches of the mattress edge, I hear the rhythmic clinking of the dog's tags as she leaps onto the foot of our bed and snuggles in.   Six in the bed, and the little one said: I'm crowded...
We passed the few remaining hours before dawn in a tangle of bodies, and as I savored my first cup of coffee, I scanned the newspaper and discovered it is sidewalk sale day at the mall.  I love this sale, as they have really strange things that didn't sell in their season, and really great deals on lots of things. 
The strenuous nature of shopping en masse leaves me feeling weak in the knees.  The darn dog, who suffers from separation anxiety somehow knew that I would be less apt to leave her alone for a few hours if I was not well-rested.  I will not be denied!  
I will be bold.  I will be strong.  I will go early and plan my escape route.  I