Three Kid Circus : Back in the saddle again...

Monday, July 19, 2004

Back in the saddle again...

We woke to overcast skies this morning... Surprisingly all three kids slept like rocks last night.  We all seem to rest well when the fog rolls in.  It will burn off in an hour or so.  I like it.
Despite my lingering congestion, I'm determined to get back on my exercise routine.  I've been doing some basic freeweight exercises for months, and recently added a mini-trampoline for variety.  It hasn't done much for my weight, but stamina-wise and strength-wise I'm impressed. 

Even better, summer preschool begins today after a month-long hiatus.  Mercy.  I know, I know, I feel blessed to have intelligent, active, opinionated children.  I feel blessed to be able to be an at-home parent to them.  But my 5 year old is DRIVING ME NUTS.  I suspect there is some truth to what my mom has always said:
Kids are wired to drive you crazy at the times when they need you to let them grow.
Or maybe it was let them go.  
Whatever.  I'm ready for kindergarten, which starts August 30th.  I know she's ready.  I'm also sure I'll mark the change in our lives with a few tears and some sentimental musings.  How did these 5 years pass so quickly?  It seems like a cliche' but it does bewilder me.  The fact is;  my 5 year old is capable of expressing thoughts like "I don't want to buy any products from companies where the people who work there have little girls that they are supporting because then those parents will buy them Pretty Ponies and I want to have all the Pretty Ponies so let's only buy stuff from companies that only have little boys at home, okay?"
I think we need to work on less TV.
My son will be 4 soon, and I'm thinking about enrolling him in preschool this fall.  He's ready, I think, but I can't get him reliable on the potty training.  Oh, how I hate potty training.  I can give them all the reasons in the world that they can and should use the toilet, but it seems he doesn't care if he 'has an accident' and my patience is wearing thin. 
If it was a control issue, or a rebellion issue or something quantifiable, at least I would feel there was an angle to attack.  But how do you convince a kid that pooping al fresco is not okay, even if you *like* the feel of air on your hiney.  Oh, it's so gross!  I've explained about germs, ranted about civilized folk, swooned, made him pick it up each time...
Oooh, maybe we need to stop watching Animal Planet.  Voila'!  An angle!  Steve Irwin, thy name is mud!  Ahahahaha
Anyhoo, it's Monday, and I have laundry to tackle, lunch to make and pack and have yet to get in a good session of hair tossing :)
Onward and upwards!